Budget 7" Records in Jackets

This Package Includes:

  • Lathe Cut Masters* and Stampers

  • 4 Minutes Per Side Maximum

  • Canadian Made 100% Pure Lead Free Virgin Vinyl

  • Full Color Centre Labels (Front and Back)

  • Full Color Jackets on Board Stock

  • Premium White Paper Inner Sleeves

  • Assembly and Shrink Wrap

*PLEASE NOTE: Our budget package uses a special process developed by Train Records with the purpose of reducing manufacturing costs. While we have succeeded in reducing costs, it does come at the sacrifice of audio fidelity. The lathe cut master will not offer the same richness in audio quality that many have come to expect from us. If having an accurate, full and rich vinyl sound is a priority, we recommend going with any of our standard vinyl packages that include lacquers. For more information please checkout the FAQs by clicking here.

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